Growth-promoting antibiotics in cattle and poultry feed

Growth-promoting antibiotics

By Dr Zack Bush MD

Growth promoting antibiotics that are used in cattle and poultry feed present a serious health concern. The regular consumption of Antibiotics, while heavily promoting antibiotic resistance, also destroys the gut microbiome. This microbiome is essential to sustain the nutrition levels of our bodies and, importantly, our immune system. 

Antibiotics and antimicrobials are added to animal feed to increase the efficiency of growth. When animals are raised in overcrowded conditions with little or no access to grass, sunlight or fresh air their immune systems are compromised, increasing their risk of disease and therefore creating the need for routine antibiotics and other medications that are passed onto us through the meat. We can avoid all these harmful toxins and antibiotics by choosing non-gmo pasture-raised foods. “Food is no longer our medicine.  Pharmaceutical chemicals and drugs are now the main ingredients in our food”.

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